Salsa Boogaloo

There are three prominent types of salsa: Cubano, L.A. ON-1 and New York ON-2. People who grew up dancing salsa usually have never taken classes and dance a variation of Cubano or Puerto Rican style, which is danced in a circular style, but when danced correctly goes in every direction in a natural flow of the body rhythms. People who have taken classes are taught either L.A. ON-1 which is danced in a slot or straight line, very theatrical, fast, and filled with trick moves, or New York ON-2 which is also danced on a slot or straight line very elegant, fluid, and freestyle dancing with a partner is highly regarded. Each style has positive and negatives, (Cubano can be limiting because most dancers in this style learned in their barrio or pueblito and are stuck in one salsa dance language, but it's full of alma and can be soul lifting.) (L.A. ON-1 is structured so it is easier for people who never really danced before but because of this it can be very mechanical looking, but the moves are show time at the Apollo.) (New York ON-2 or Mambo has two styles, Eddie Torres's style is the predominant one, this style is harder to learn, has a lot of intricate moves like cubano, but very sexy and smooth and the frees style moves are incredible.) The biggest problem between all the styles is that most dancers can only dance one style of salsa and some moves are unleadable. I've designed a style of salsa that takes the best parts of each one and blends them together to create a natural flowing and leadable style that I call salsa BOOGALOO. I teach you how to feel the music, interpret tempos, and understand angles. I break down each step and move in a salsa tree, so it feels natural and you can gauge your progress. It's not supposed to feel like work, the whole point of taking lessons is to look like you never took classes.


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